Historical outline

An outline history of the County of Choszczno

The earliest marks of inhabitants of the area of a present County of Choszczno come from the Vth century B.C.( The Age of a Smooth Stone). At that time the inhabitants of this land were people who earned their living from agriculture and breeding animals. In the 1st century A.D. this land was inhabited by German tribes. The Slavic people settled here not later than in the VIIth century. In the years 963-967 Mieszko I  incorporated the district of Choszczno into Poland. In the first half of the XIXth century the relationship with Poland became looser. About 1122 Boles?law Krzywousty again incorporated this land to Poland. Since 1138 the district of Choszczno belonged to the Duchy of Great Poland. In XIIIth century the district of Choszczno became a zone of clashing and the influence of different political centres. In 1289 the term: the district of Choszczno-Terra Arnswaldensis appeared in histroric documents. In the XIV th and XVth century Poland tried to regain the district of Choszczno. In the years 1402-1452 it was taken over by the Order of Teutonic Knights. In 1433 the Hussite and Polish military incursions led to gain control over the district of Choszczno by the Polish Country. In March 1437 this district was again in the power of a monastic country on the strength of  peace between Poland and the Order of Teutonic Knights.

In 1454 the district of Choszczno was again under the rule of the Hohenzollerns’ family. In the years 1618-1648 the march of Protestant and Imperial troops plundering and ravaging everything that was on their way caused the following damages:

–   In 1632 places like Barnim, Krzecin, Grabowiec and Sulibórz were damaged to the ground;

–   In 1636 the Swedish army burnt Stradzewo and Radun;

–   In 1637 the Imperial troops turned Choszczno and Recz into sites of the fire.

In 1657 hetman Stefan Czarniecki in the pursuit of Swedes invaded the land of Brandenburg conquering Recz, Promien, Stradzewo and Radun, finally coming near Choszczno.

In the XVIIth century the County of  Choszczno (Kreis Arnswalde) covered a vast territory. It included 5 cities (Choszczno, Recz, Drawno, Pelczyce and Insko) and 3 country domains which were established out of monastic properties ( Bierzwnik, Recz and Pelczyce).

Since XVIIIth century there has been noticed a huge economical development.

In the XVIIIth and XIXth century Nowa Marchia was within the Prussian Kingdom. Before the outbreak of the World War II the county was composed of 66 rural districts and 3 city districts (Choszczno, Recz and Drawno). The area of 1.256 square km was inhabited by 45.410 people. In 1937 in the city there were such factories as: a dairy, a factory of sweets, a factory of tractors and factories which produced concrete.

During  World War II on the terrirory of Chosczno was a prisoner of war camp called Oflag IIB. In 1945 the district of Choszczno was again within the borders of the Polish Country. After the War on this territory was established The County Starosty of Choszczno. Since 1975, after abolishing counties, this area has been divided into five districts: Choszczno, Recz, Drawno, Krzecin and Bierzwnik. At that time they belonged to the Gorzów Province. Since 1999 Choszczno again has become the county city and was included into the West Pomeranian Province. At present the County of Choszczno includes 6 districts: Choszczno, Recz, Drawno, Krzecin, Bierzwnik and Pelczyce.

It has been worked out on the basis of materials of G.J.Brzustowicz

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