The District of Choszczno

area: 247 km 2


population: 22 263

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  • A Gothic church of the Birth of Blessed Virgin Mary from the XIVth century
  • City fortifications from the XVth century
  • A railway station from the half of the XIXth century
  • Gasworks from the XIXth century
  • An economic mill from the XIXth century
  • A granary from the XIXth century
  • A water tower from the beginning of the XXth century
  • Monumental dwelling houses from the turn of the XIXth and the XXth century

The District

  • Monumental churches and dwelling houses in places such as: Piasecznik, S?lawecin, Stradzewo, Che?lpa, Rzecko, Suliszewo, Ko?lki, Korytowo, Wardyn, Radun, Stary Klukom,  Smolen, Zamecin and Zwierzyn.
  • The early Middle Ages City IX-XIth century
  • A court garden from the first half of the XIXth century-Stary Klukom
  • A palace garden from the IInd half of the XIXth century-Stradzewo
  • A palace garden from the half of the XIXth century-Radaczewo
  • A palace garden from the half of the XVIIIth century-Gle?no
  • A subcourt garden from the XVIIIth century-Wardyn
  • The Palace and Garden Complex from the XVIIIth century in Korytowo.


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