Culture and entertainment

The County of Choszczno has a wide offer connected with culture and entertainment, which is used by both the inhabitants of the town and tourists coming to visit our land. From February young artists can try their hands at the declination contest, the poetry set to music contest as well as the one man theatre show. A very interesting phenomenon is the review of music folk bands, instrumentalists and raconteurs, but also the enthusiasts of music, poetry and dance will find something for themselves.

These are only some, chosen proposals:

  • The Children’s Output Festival of the Pomeranian Military District,
  • The Review of the Stage and Drama Forms for the Disabled “ Stage without barriers”
  • The International Piano Festival ”We play duets”

In the summer you can meet here a lot of stars associated with music and entertainment. This is because of the Days of Choszczno and the Picnic upon Drawa, along with which there is organized a Hip Hop Night. Then you have the opportunity to take part in festivities, competitions and games prepared by the organizers.

 July in our county is the month devoted to history. Then the district of Bierzwnik invites to  historical festivities as well as to archeological workshops called “ Days on the Cistercian trail”, however in Recz you can see a Historical Show called  well prepared by the inhabitants of the town.

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