The District of Krzecin

area: 140 km 2

population: 3 810

Most of big villages is of Medieval Sexy delicious teen babe brutalized and destroyed in mouth fuck 7 – milf, ghetto, hardcoreorigin. In the Middle Ages this territory changed its national status several times.

  • In the Xth-XIIIth century it was included in the early-Piast monarchy
  • In 1269 it was subordinated by the Brandenburg margraves and it was incorporated into Nowa Marchia.
  • In the XIIIth-XVth century it was a part of the Choszczno District
  • Since XIVth century Krzecin has belonged to the County of Choszczno (Kreis Arnswalde)
  • About 1300 such places as: ?ensko, Ch?lopowo and Krzecin already existed. Single towns have their public registers from the XVIIIth century or from the turn of the XVIIIth and the XIXth century, e.g. Mielecin, Rakowo and Przybys?law
  • In 1350 an esquire called Jakub von Mortzin gave the Cistercians half of the patronage over the church in Ch?lopowo
  • The remaining settlements, forester’s lodges and villages were established in the XIXth century, e.g. Kaszewo and S?lonice
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