The District of Recz

area: 180 km 2

population: 5 740

The earliest note about Recz can be found in the document dated 1269, in which the town Recz was mentioned.

  • In the early Middle Ages there was a Slavonic town and a market settlement
  • In 1269 the local territory was overrun by Brandenburg
  • After 1284, next to the old settlement was located the town, and on the place of the former Slavonic town the Cistercian Monastery was founded in 1296
  • From 1370 to the XVIIIth century the town was under control of the family of Welds
  • In the years 1402-54 it belonged to the Order of Teutonic Knights
  • In 1657 during the war between Poland and Swedes, Recz was captured by the Polish army
  • During the thirty-year long war Recz was party destroyed by fire in 1686
  • In the XIXth century the town was a local trading centre for the agricultural base
  • In 1945 there was a battle of tanks as a result of which the town was destroyed in 70%.
  • Recz is located within the historical trail called “The Cistercian trail”
  • In the years 1945/46 the town was called “Reczyca” which was later on changed to “The Pomeranian Recz”. Then the word ”Pomeranian” was erased
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